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CARLA aNdREA is a sustainable authorial clothing project that questions traditional practices through a contemporary lens in the 21st century. Based in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, it currently produces timeless and gender-neutral pieces in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, working on a small scale and made to order, communicating values of fair trade, environmental care, and respect for diversity. All garments are handmade and not mass-produced using national textiles and recovered clothing waste from secondhand markets, dyed with self-made natural dyes.

Working in a handmade way allows for not only having control over the impact of production, but also humanizes the project by showcasing the production processes and involving consumers in the collection and donation of direct waste material from their homes for the elaboration of dyes, generating interest not only in environmental issues but also in the ethics of production and consumption.

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⟳ We are a small handmade and independent brand that seeks to keep ancestral techniques alive in new generations, appealing to the reconciliation with the past, memories, and emotions through material sensitivity.

​⟳ We work on timeless and versatile items that endure for a longer time in our wardrobes, because the ephemeral nature of seasons does not represent us.

​⟳ We also do not mass-produce, each piece is handmade and made to order, allowing us to adapt shapes and colors according to the customer's requirements.

​⟳ Our prices accurately reflect the quality, time, and skills we employ to produce timeless pieces.







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